Database Number of
items stored
Fishes of Bitung, Northern Tip of Sulawesi, Indonesia 584
Marine Mammals Information Database 2,240
Marine Mammal Skull Database 129
FishPix 50,170
Freshwater Fish Collection Search Database 26,000
Penaeoid Shrimp Identification Sit 169
Fish Identification Site 3900
Fish Databases of Japan 250,000
Field Guide for Coastal Fishes of Indonesia 135
A Visual Database of the Coleopteran Holotypes in the SHIZUMU NOMURA Collection 414
Fishes of Libong Island, West Coast of Southern Thailand 128
Manual for the Identification of Cephalopod Beaks in the Northwest Pacific  
Database for Type Specimens of Bryophytes in TNS 1,029
Database for Type Specimens of Lichen in TNS 825
Database for Exsciccata Specimens of Lichen in TNS 3,969
List for Endangered Species ofLlichen in TNS 145
Database for General Collections of Lichen in TNS 3,000
One Hundred Seaweeds of Japan 100
Tricyrtis(Liliaceae) of Japan 1,000
Cirsium(Asteraceae) of Japan -Apine Apecies- 1,000
Bloom-Forming Blue-Green Algae 46
magic of the Myxomycetes 5,749
A List of the Specimens of the Uredinales kept in TNS 9,869
Japanese Myxomycetes Collection in TNS 15,495
Database of Fungal Specimens Maintained at the Selected Japanese Herbaria Under the GBIF Japan Project 16,246
Mollusk Fossil Collection 8,849
Image Database of Fossil Mollusk 214
Collection of rock specimens 33,359
Micropaleontology Collection Database 3,277
Micropaleontology Collection Database (Images of Type specimens) 1,755
Tumura Collection Database (Diatoms) 1,019
Digital Image Database of Chondrichthyan Fossils 140
Database of Large Mammalian Fossils 4,100
Database of fFish Fossils 1,755
Database of Small Mammalian Fossils 3,980
Osteological Collections 186
Database of Osteological Collection Compilied for Each Site 738
Library Catalog (Books) 12,940
Library Catalog (Periodicals) 6,334