Alepes kleinii, NSMT-P 65956, 10.6 cm SL

Alepes kleinii (Bloch, 1793)
Banded scad

D VIII - I, 23 - 26; A II - I, 19 - 22; GR 9 - 12 + 27 - 32 = 38 - 44. Body oval, strongly compressed; ventral profile more convex than dorsal profile. Snout pointed; adipose eyelid well developed on posterior half of eye; upper jaw with a band of minute teeth; lower jaw with a single row of small conical teeth except 2 rows anteriorly. Straight part of lateral line entirely with scutes (35 - 45), longer than curved part. Color: body silvery green dorsally, silvery white ventrally; a large black spot on upper margin of opercle; caudal fin yellowish especially in juvenile. Size: maximum length about 20 cm. Distribution: Indo-West Pacific, from Pakistan to Papua New Guinea and Australia. Remarks: occurring in coastal waters. Feeds mainly on planktonic crustaceans and fishes.