Pandaka pygmaea, NSMT-P 66047, 1.0 cm SL

Pandaka pygmaea Herre, 1927
Dwarf pygmy goby

D VI - 7; A 7; P1 15 - 16; LR 20; PDS 0. Body relatively short, compressed. Head slightly depressed; jaws subequal; gill opening not extending anteriorly to a vertical through preopercular margin. Pelvic fins united medially. Scales on body ctenoid, and cycloid in anterior part; head naked. Sensory canals and pores absent on head; reduced longitudinal pattern of sensory-papillae rows on cheek. Color: body subtranslucent (immediately turned to pale just after death) with many distinct black spots; anterior part of first dorsal fin black; black spot at mid-lateral caudal fin base large, well protruding anteriorly beyond hypural end. Size: 1.1 cm SL. Distribution: Andaman Sea and West Pacific. Remarks: found in quiet waters of mangrove areas with soft muddy bottom around aquatic plants.